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Due to the pressures in our everyday life, the accelerating pace, keeping up to date with new technology and accepting the diminishing space we live in, our lives no longer seem to bridge the road to inner calm, we seem to be travelling so fast, for many of us it feels we are on a collision path with stress.

We are worrying ourselves sick.

Petrina Steer

Advanced Remedial Therapies. Sports Therapy.
  Remedial Massage.

Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Current First Aid Certificate
CPE Counselling NZ.

IV Assessment & Workplace Training.


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We feel honourd to have pioneered the first professionalTherapeutic Massage Clinic, opening it’s doors in Mosman May 1996, offering Remedial Massage.

Since then our Mosman Massage Clinic has had a steady and loyal client growth. Many of whom still to this day visit our clinic. Their family and friends are now also clients.

Massage Therapy contributes to the management of many Health Issues.  Many recognised Health Providers use and refer our services to their patients. We feel humbly rewarded to receive this recognition and enjoy our professional relationship, in providing maximum care, confidentiality and trust.

Many of our clients are referred by Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors and have also become clients themselves.

A therapy for every body is about recognising the range of benefits available from  therapeutic massage for everyone.

As body workers we do not diagnose medical conditions